Worship, The Right Focus for

Worship, The Right Focus for

by Rubel Shelly

Published in LoveLines (Jun. 8, 1994)

The Song of Moses and the Lamb

Worship renewal is ongoing throughout the church around the world. Thank God that his Spirit is stirring believers to a keener consciousness of worship as the first business of the church.

After all, worship is the one ministry of the Body of Christ that will extend into eternity. We will not need benevolence programs in heaven. There will be no purpose to evangelistic sermons to the unsaved. Since there will be no sickness, tears, or death, many of the ministries we pursue here in the name of Christ will have long since served their purpose by the time we arrive home. But worship is different.

With all distance and barriers removed between God and his people, we will worship then as we wish we could worship now. No distractions. No possibility of self-absorption. Only glory, honor, and praise to heaven's throne occupants!

In a brief glimpse of heavenly worship given in Scripture, the redeemed from Earth "held harps given them by God and sang the song of Moses the servant of God and the song of the Lamb."

If you wish to know the Song of Moses, read Exodus 15. It is a song that exults in God's faithfulness and power. It recounts his mighty acts among the descendants of Abraham to deliver them from bondage and to give them a promised land.

The Song of Moses and the Lamb (Rev. 15:3-4) is modeled on the same outline. It focuses on what God has done throughout the ages to reveal himself as the Faithful Deliverer of his people.

Great and marvelous are your deeds,

Lord God Almighty,

just and true are your ways,

King of the ages.

Who will not fear you, O Lord,

and bring glory to your name?

For you alone are holy.

All nations will come

and worship before you,

for your righteous acts have been revealed.

Do you get any ideas from this about the worship we should be learning to offer through the church today? Let's have fewer songs that focus on our situation and needs, fewer that exhort us to this or that. Let's have more that exalt the Lamb, rehearse the story of his saving acts, and celebrate the certainty of hope.

Worship whose goal is to fix a mindset or mood among those who have assembled must give way to worship that exalts the only one who is worthy of praise. Worship is not for our entertainment but for his glory.

It is not too early to rehearse the praise we will give in heaven forever!

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